Food That Will Give You Healthy Gums and Teeth

By Lisa Griffith|May 3, 2016|Dental Services|


Oral hygiene can affect your personality and health. You should take every possible action to help protect your teeth and gums. There are some food that you need to avoid but there are also food that will help you in having healthy gums and white teeth.

Ginger helps

Ginger doesn’t only add a strong taste to your food but it also considered as a healing herb with anti-inflammatory properties. A decent intake of ginger will help you have healthy tissues in your mouth.

Cheese and yogurt

Everybody loves dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Cheese does miracles in saving your teeth. When you eat cheese, the pH in your mouth increases (becomes less acidic), lowering chances of tooth decay. Calcium and protein which is needed to strengthen the tooth enamel is present in cheese and yogurt. Probiotics in yogurts has many benefits, one of these benefits are for your gums. Choose a yogurt with the least amount of sugar. If you’re having serious problems with tooth decays or gum diseases, it is a must to give proper dental care to your teeth or else, all this food will not work as expected. You can visit a Maroubra dental centre to get the best dental care services for ro maintain your dental health. 

An apple a day, to keep the doctor away

Eating apples will help cleanse your teeth by removing bacteria together with the plaque, due to increased production of saliva in your mouth and yes, it really does help to keep the doctor away.

Green leaves can help

Green leaves are healthy for the human body in every aspect. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Greens such as spinach will help you maintain your oral health. The presence of calcium in green leaves will help strengthen the enamel. Folic acid and the presence of vitamins, can help fight gingivitis in pregnant women. Celery which is rich in vitamin A, C an antioxidants can help increase the health of gum.

Almonds and carrots

Almonds have low amounts of sugar and also very high amounts of calcium and protein. Carrots are full of fibers and increases saliva production in one’s mouth.

Food which damages your teeth

Many of the food that you eat will cause damage to your teeth and enamel. Try to keep the least amount of sugar in your diet, even if it’s brown sugar or honey, try to take the minimum. Sugar will increase acidity, leading to tooth decay. When you eat dried fruits such a raisins, there is a tendency of them getting stuck in your teeth and they also have sugars; both these factors will lead to tooth decay. Brush your teeth and floss, right after eating dried fruits.