Four Tips When Making An Adventure Trip

By Lisa Griffith|September 24, 2015|Health Products|

purifier.24Adventurous souls are always on the lookout for things that will get their blood rushing through their veins. Adventure trips which are coupled up with adventure sports can be quite dangerous, but that’s the whole thrill of it. You don’t need to be a daredevil to go on one, but you do need some determination and courage. Given below are three tips to help you when you go on one of your adventure trips.

1.    Clothes
Always keep in mind that during most of the trip that you will be trekking around a forest or some other place such as a river bank. Therefore it is best to carry as less baggage as possible since carrying a lot of unnecessary clothes will slow you down, and will take up space which could be used to store more important items such as food. Make sure to carry a mix of clothes depending on where you will be taking the trip around.

2.    Food
Carry food with you for at least the first few days if you can. Pack in a lot of canned food which will help you during the course of your trip. Take back all what you brought along and remember to not litter everywhere you have been. When it comes to water you can carry around a small jug such as an alkaline water filter jug which will clean the water of unnecessary minerals and de-acidify the water.

3.    Camera
If you are someone who likes to capture beautiful memories, make sure to pack in your camera and as well as to carry in a few extra charged batteries since you won’t be able to charge them inside a forest. Check it out before you take on your trip to use be sure if all the functionalities are in order.

4.    First aid
You don’t know when someone might get injured so it is best to always carry around a first aid kit just in case.  Make sure you pack in the basic necessities before you leave and make sure that the medicine isn’t expired. When someone needs to take medicine i.e. tablets run the water through the alkaline water filter jug to make sure that the water has the correct pH and is not contaminated with other minerals. For more info about body acid neutralizer, visit

In conclusion, adventure trips are fun but you need to make sure that you are well prepared ahead of the trip to face any situation. Amongst many important r things, these are just a few essentials that will help you out during the trip.