Restorative Remedies For Your Oral Health Maintenance

By Lisa Griffith|September 28, 2017|Dental Services|

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance if you do not wish to see loss of teeth and experience other painful and harmful conditions that has to do with your mouth. The usual routine o brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash sometimes is not enough for some individuals if they accompany those good habits with a lot of bad ones such as eating sweet and acidic food at irregular hours especially at night, consuming alcohol and smoking heavily. In such cases, or in cases were one has not taken care of their oral hygiene, restorative methods may be necessary to ensure that any further damage is settled. Here are some common restorative remedies that you can see commonly.

Bridges A bridge is a device that will be used in order to replace one or more of teeth that have been lost. A pontic or an artificial tooth will be fixed between two crowns to seal in the gap that has been caused by a absent tooth. Both crowns on either side of the pontic act as a sort of support where it holds on the artificial tooth that has been fixed. This is basically what a dentist Woodville would recommend if you wanted to get a bride done to replace missing teeth. It is painless, easy and very commonly done.

Crowns These are used for cosmetic purposes. Basically crowns can be used to fix teeth that have been shaped oddly, broken or discoloured badly and also can be used together with implants in order to replace a tooth that is missing. Many doctors will also recommend this particular restorative process for the replacement of damaged teeth as well as for treating decaying teeth and cavities.

Fillings Amalgam or a metal alloy that is really strong yet cheap is used in fillings within teeth. These can be seen very commonly used for the purpose of fillings in molars. In the recent past there has also been tooth coloured filling materials that have become available at more affordable rates. The main advantage of these new fillings is that they cannot be seen as clearly as the amalgam ones which look like the colour of normal metal. Your specialist will give you recommendations based upon the extent of the damage that has happened to your tooth and will then give you options to choose between the traditional amalgam filler and the tooth coloured one. These are some of the most commonly done and most cost effective restorative methods in the field of oral health and maintenance today.