What You Need To Know About Pharmacies As A Customer And A Pharmacist

By Lisa Griffith|July 20, 2017|Health Products|

There comes several stages in life where the frequency of walking into a pharmacy tends become quite often. Although it may not be the case in the very youthful ages in life, the younger and the older people require medical attention and if you fall into one of those categories or even is a guardian to people of those categories, then you might find yourself doing the aforementioned activity quite often. However, there are several secrets or unknown facts about pharmacies that may have not been aware of all this time. The following facts are both useful for customers as well as pharmacies when dealing with each other and other related parties.

QuotasThis particular activity is mainly focused on the pharmacists. There are chain store pharmacies around you and these places have pharmacist working in them. The individuals that are working here have a responsible job of fulfilling the quota at the right time. The more reputed the place is, the less time quota completion time takes. The best ones are known to take the maximum of fifteen minutes in filling bottles in and not being able to meet these deadlines are usually known to carry grave consequences.

Filling prescriptionsJust as there are pharmacists that work to meet their quotas every day, there are those that do not get involved in this section of the operations at this particular place. For them, mornings especially are very free and would be the best time of day to fill prescriptions. So if you are going to purchase naprogesic tablets from a pharmacy, you might want to get your prescription filled in the morning where you are most unlikely to be kept waiting. 

PatiencePatience is key for almost anything in your life. Therefore, both customers and pharmacists need to be able to handle each other with much patience as both parties will be trying to achieve their goals in different ways. If you walked in as a customer to look for inner health plus price, then you need to give time to the pharmacist to find it out for you. Similarly, if you are the pharmacist, you must be able to listen carefully to your customer even if he/she seems to be complaining as it will impact your business.

PricesYou as a customer will have to deal with paying for these products that are bought at the pharmacy, and truth be told, they will be considerably expensive. However, you must always keep in mind that the pharmacists do not set these prices and that you cannot question them as to why there are raises.

Therefore, consider all these factors before dealing with each other in pharmacies.